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If you would like to become part of The AREA by implementing your project or making any of the ideas below HAPPEN, please contact us!

TIP for Music Events: The AREA is a new concept.  It falls somewhere between a community hall, a music venue and a concert hall but it is privately owned.  We strongly encourage creativity as The AREA is not your typical music venue.  Our primary focus is for events to utilize all of the land so that during the event your patrons are exposed to the elements of urban agriculture throughout the property.  You have options to charge for food, drink and door (we can offer assistance with your food requirements).  Recruit volunteers to help you set-up, work the door, help in the kitchen (or BBQ) and clean-up.  Encourage your patrons to be respectful of the event and follow the rules so that we can continue to offer the facility for large group events.  We hope to hear from you. : – D

Bike-in-movie Theatre
Block party
Children’s garden
Coffee house
Coffee shop in front building
Community driven
Community potluck dinners
Concerts-local music
Engage with businesses
Equality; equal and free access to AREAregardless of income
Exercise for kids (climbing, water play, hills/heights
Find out what the seniors in community need/want
Flexibility 1/2 empty 1/2 perm
Garden for strolling
Indoor/outdoor dance space
Keep it all season
Kids theatre
Lending library
Lending tools, toys, chipper shredder
Light at night
Meeting places, gathering (coffee
Open fire
Outdoor folk dancing with natural boarder (shrubs, plants trees)
Outdoor stage space
Outdoor yoga
Peace park/tower
Perennial exchange
Rename the street – The POCKET in Inglewood
Revamp the street
Ride-in theatre
Rope course
Skating rink
Solar power – beer can heat exchanger
Solitary areas and social areas (quiet reading nooks)
Spilling out into the street
Sustainable turf
Winter camping workshops