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If you would like help create The AREA by implementing your project or making any of the ideas below HAPPEN, please contact us!

Note for hall/school house rental: Meetings or workshops on the site cost $40.00/hr (discounts for full day and members’).  If you are a food group, we offer a garden plot to your group free of charge.  We encourage your group to place a prominent sign at your garden plot with a description of your gardening project.  Young and old visitors of The AREA are proving to be enthusiastic learners of all things growing.

art classes for kids
bring bike techs to teach courses (mecanahands)
CBE (students for AG)
City of Calgary studies
cob oven
cooking skills (bake bread, borscht)
different activity each weekend
Ethnic food cooking classes/potlucks
Historical walks/community/cultural
incubator for ideas, inventions, etc.
Jane’s walk
lending library
lending library in London phone booth
meditation, yoga
open fire cooking
permaculture courses
REAL community bulletin board!
rent space during the week to groups for  workshops
skill sharing (gardening skills, composting, dancing, art)
slow food
social ed
Storytime/ story sharing (children and adults)
workshop space
amphitheatre seating