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About Us

The AREA is a quarter acre of land in the pocket of Inglewood near the the old National Hotel Barn and Crown Army Surplus.  The property houses the original Crown Lumber building that faces the street and one of Calgary’s original school houses that is inside the yard.  The AREA in Inglewood is hoping to be a collaborative community project for sharing music, art, urban agricultural techniques, cooking, meditation or anything else that is AREA.

The buildings can be used for music events, education and art shows.  The land is earmarked for anyone interested in starting a demonstration plot that can be used in conjunction with the training facility so that urban agricultural skills can be shared with all Calgarians at a reasonable cost.

Check the pages to see what people like you have visioned for the site.  If you have music, art, gardening skills, cooking or any other skills that you would like to share please contact us.  If you have a shovel and want to dig the dirt today then you must call us ASAP.  The AREA will become what the community makes it.  We hope to hear from you.

David Winkler


[email protected]  OR

Kym Chi