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Urban Aggie Day

Let us know that you’ll be there on our event page:

As an Exhibitor fill out this form Urban Aggie Day Exhibitor Form and send it to [email protected]

A growing urban population is hungry for real food and real information on growing their own food. Being more self reliant about your health and well being are things that we have taken for granted for the last 60 years and left the food production increasingly to the industrial and pharmaceutical companies.

The Urban Aggie Day is a glimpse into the realm of health and wholistic living for you and your family, as well as participating in a very strong community that is also based on health. Come join us for our inaugural event at The AREA and share your knowledge, your passion, and your curiosity with hundreds of others in this reality movement.

For Registrants: Register now to have a booth where you can sell or showcase your local products or techniques.

For Everyone: If you would like to see a group at the event please let us know. We definitely want to see you there whether its as an exhibitor or a visitor. Come on down with your family and learn about local food production.
Contact David at 403-680-7231 tel:403-230-9395 for more information.